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Restraining Orders

San Bernardino Restraining Order Attorneys

If you need to file a restraining order make sure you do everything right the first time, many times because emotions are running high you may miss a step and have to start the process all over. We can help you with this issue.

Inland Empire Divorce & Family Law Attorneys represents victims of domestic violence seeking a restraining order, as well as those who have been accused of domestic violence. Restraining orders are powerful legal tools, so whether you are seeking one or defending against one, you should seek experienced legal representation. Contact a Rancho Cucamonga restraining order attorney today.

Restraining Order Lawyer In San Bernardino

Talk to a San Bernardino restraining order lawyer from our firm to learn more about these types of restraining orders:

  • Family law restraining order — This type of restraining order is typically sought during divorce proceedings to prevent one spouse from causing disruptions, such as hiding marital assets or taking the kids away.
  • Domestic violence restraining order — A Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (DVTRO) is sought by one individual to prevent another from engaging in behavior that is threatening to the alleged victim. A review hearing is held after the temporary order is issued (usually within 20 days). During this hearing, it is determined whether the restraining order will become permanent.

It is not uncommon for domestic disputes to arise during divorce proceedings. As family law attorneys, we know how to address all types of issues that arise during a divorce, while protecting the rights and interests of clients on both sides of a domestic dispute.

Learn more about domestic violence.

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If you are seeking a restraining order, contact a Rancho Cucamonga restraining order lawyer from our firm today. Additionally, you can call (909) 330-3660 if you are learning about your legal options if a restraining order has been placed against you.

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