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I am going through a custody battle for my daughter and I was recommended by a close friend to contact Bobby for any advice. Bobby was there for me step by step, answered every question I had. I feel without Bobby by my side, I would not feel as confident as I do with winning this custody battle. I think it is rare to find someone knowledgeable and caring. If i am ever in need of a great lawyer, I will definitely call Bobby again. I would recommend Bobby to everyone who is in need of a great lawyer. He is knowledgeable, understanding, caring, and is there for you 100% of the way. Thanks Bobby!

Mike L.
On Friday 3/31 me and my husband, we talk to Mr. Shamuilian. He was professional and honest. We were able to trust him once we talk to him. We were scare because my husband had to go to court. However he was able to represent us. We talk to him on Monday and everything was good. We had a problem and he found a solution. At first I was feeling uneasy and didn’t know if we could trust him. I’m telling you guys we talk to other lawyers and not any has his attitude and honesty. If your unsure like I was, I’m telling he gave the best service to us. I’m eternally grateful for him. We were so blessed that God let us find him. So yes he is great and don’t hesitate on trusting him.
Eren G.

I do not even want to think where we would be after today without Mr. Shamuilian. Words cannot express how phenomenal this team is! From the first moment we contacted them we experienced nothing less than AAA+ service. Professionalism and knowledge; the treatment and handling of our case; every request treated with the utmost urgency and importance in a time of uncertainty were so helpful and reassuring. Not only is this Law Group knowledgeable, fairly priced and professional, they were kind and empathetic to our situation and the precarious situation we found ourselves in.s

Gene C.

These gentlemen are excellent at their craft and most importantly genuinely care for their clients. They work as a great team and continued to check on us during the entire process. This meant the world to me and my wife. My advice to someone reading this is don’t wait. Reach out to this team at Inland Empire Family Law and get the care you deserve. The weight I felt off my chest during that moment will forever be remembered. Jon, Arie and Bobby ~ I want to express the utmost gratitude for taking care of me and my family during that very difficult time in our lives. I can’t thank you gentlemen enough. Your professionalism and service were top notch. There is a quote by Maya Angelou – “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Thank you for making us feel genuinely cared for, thought of, informed and never once did we feel like a number. God Bless -Wes & Kristen

Wes & Kristen

I know it’s not easy to trust Attorney’s, but everyone at Inland Empire Family Law made me feel at ease from start to finish. They were extremely helpful on my initial call and went down to their office immediately after to meet with an Attorney whom gave me valuable information and knew exactly how to handle my case. They were extremely quick with getting a court date set up and again, everyone I spoke to in the office was very attentive and responsive. They never left me wondering and always kept me updated

Phantom M.

I cant even put into words for how thankful I am for Bobby and Arie. I’ve never used an attorney before. I called MULTIPLE attorneys to help me with my issue. Most of them tried to pressure me saying, “I can get you a court date as soon as tomorrow, but I need to know asap…” etc etc….. but not these guys. They made me feel comfortable and said, ” Its up to you, take your time, do your research, we’re here if you need us”. I felt such a calm vibe in a very anxious time in my life.

Julie c.

Mi experiencia con el abogado Evan Vargas, fue excelente le agradezco mucho su ayuda me hizo sentir muy trankila, peleo por mi ,me escucho me tuvo paciencia se los recomiendo si quieren ganar, Aileen moreno eres un angel, gracias por ayudarme y escucharme tambien de verdad eres increible aparte de bonita excelente actitud gracias de verdad.

Itai K.

First of all I was so distraught about what I was gonna do so I started looking up lawyers and because of the great reviews I found and chose this one. I had been charged with child endangerment, dui. The entire process has been all handled by them. They always had a clear cut plan from the get go about what we were going to try to do. They are, let me say in caps, VERY RESPONSIVE! They answered quick. Always friendly! Always helpful. Willing to work with you on everything and anything. I mean I seriously lucked out with finding these guys. IN THE END, they got all charges dropped, even dui, child engagement all that was dropped and I got reckless driving with some classes and promise to not get in anymore trouble. But in my honest opinion I can tell you I never once felt like my needs weren’t met, like my money was wasted or my time. This has been the smoothest lawyering up. They are pretty affordable but the best part is they work hard to give you the MOST for your MONEY! And in the end that’s all we all care about right? Wrong! These guys really care about helping you and getting you a great deal. And that’s all I have to say about that.


I had the pleasure of receiving services from this firm and can honestly say I was 100% satisfied. They were very responsive when I had questions and advice. They took the time to provide me with all the information I needed and they will definitely fight for any cases they handle.  They not only assisted me with what I needed but cared about my son and I as people. They are genuine and have a great track record in the inland empire area along with the surrounding courts. I strongly would recommend their services any day!

Elizabeth H.

There are no words to express the amount of thanks my family feels towards Inland Empire Family Law. We had a consultation in which we were given all the information we needed to resolve our situation. It was given professionally but with empathy, understanding and kindness. We are forever grateful and I highly recommend them.

Dahlia R.
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